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Kayode Fahm, Producer
A Motivational Speaker, Classical Guitarist and Martial Artist, Kayode Fahm studied music in England from the age of seven and martial arts from the age of 11 and developed both art forms to high levels of performing artistry following a 30 year plus journey of dedicated study and private world class coaching and tuition. He has also been speaking publically on topics covering Leadership, Personal and Professional Development and Personal Finance and Investing for over 20 years.

After graduating with a degree in Mathematics from Imperial College, London in 1986, Kayode worked for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) for a year, Morgan Stanley International for 3 years and was a Proprietary Trader at Goldman Sachs International for 6 years where he worked in both London and New York and where he was made an Executive Director at the age of 29 after executing some landmark transactions for the firm. He then moved out to the Middle East in 1996 where he sent up a Hedge Fund in Saudi Arabia and, with his team, managed a USD 200 Million portfolio on a global macro basis with the objective of optimizing absolute returns. After 4 years of successful investing he decided to return to Lagos, Nigeria in 2000.

Over the next 10 years Kayode embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery and development with the aim of helping to transform his country and state (Lagos) and to make some kind of difference. He set up Enia Advisors Ltd in 2001 and advised the CEO’s and boards of many institutions in the financial, legal, consulting, telecoms and oil servicing sectors on international best practice and corporate governance standards as well as leadership. He also ran many financial training and capacity building in house and industry-wide workshops across different sectors and taught children music and guitar at the Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON) music school every Saturday also giving regular guitar recitals each year as part of the society’s concert programs. He set up the Classical Guitar faculty in the school’s Diploma program that continues to graduate students yearly. He taught martial arts privately and held and spoke at many seminars on flexibility, fitness and wellness and was guest adjudicator at many inter-school tournaments.

He retired completely from finance in 2010 to focus on social development through the performing arts with an emphasis on motivational film. He believed that film was the best platform to combine his unique capabilities in such a way to tell exciting, inspirational and entertaining stories with important underlying messages. He teamed up with Fusion Media, a media and entertainment company, in 2011 and shot his first short film, ‘A Deam’, in September of that year and his second short film, ‘It’s Time’, in November 2012. Both films and more on his products, services and journey to date can be viewed on his website,

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Michael Akindele, Producer
Michael Akindele is an entrepreneur who is passionate about media and technology. Born in Washington, D.C., to Nigerian parents, he credits his traditional upbringing, coloured with western influences, for his curiosity about people and his animated world view.

Michael was a producer for “The Apprentice: Africa,” which was based on a popular US reality television show format from Mark Burnett Productions. The 18-week reality show had a strong following in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Michael is the creator of a 3D animated series called “The O Twins,” which is set in his current city of residence—Lagos, Nigeria—and is the first of its kind to come out of Nigeria. Michael is the owner of Fusion Media, a media and entertainment company dedicated to providing original TV Series, feature length films and other general entertainment for the worldwide marketplace. The company has a modern and innovative approach on producing programming that represents dynamic facets of everyday life. His personal motto is “Wealth is in the heart and mind, not in the pocket.”

Paul Siegel, Producer
Paul has over thirty years of hands-on-experience in multiple sectors of the entertainment industry. His in-depth knowledge and experience in both domestic and international television program distribution has made him a key decision maker for television programming selection to cable networks and over-the-air television stations. As an EMMY award producer, Paul has also developed and produced numerous projects for television, home video and theatrical distribution.

Co-created/ co-founded the original first-run barter TV syndication company that produced for the first time animated movies and children’s TV shows as follows: The three animated Care Bear Movies (I, I and III), the award winning animated specials, Our Miss Liberty and My Little Toaster, and the animated TV series M.A.S.K., Inspector Gadget, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Police Academy, Heathcliff, Transformers, Real Ghostbusters, Strawberry Shortcake, He-Man and Masters of Universe, and Superfriends,
Also with MGM introduce new episodes of the Fame TV series into syndication.

Produced and distributed new episodes of Baywatch after this TV series was canceled by NBC

Produced Live Events – Return to the Titanic with Telly Savalas, Mysteries of the Pyramid with Omar Sharif and UFO Cover-up with James Earl Jones

-Produced yearly televised golf tournaments for General Motors such as The Buick Open and Westchester Buick Classic
-Co-produced the first ESPY Award Show, the first MTV Award Show and recently the World Music Awards and the Golden Trailer Awards -Distributed the Screen Gems library for Columbia Pictures Television and sold to MTV the Monkees TV series as a “marathon” series on Nickelodeon. Also with Columbia Pictures Television distributed the Bob Hope film library.

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Andrew Hunt, Producer
Andrew Hunt is an independent film producer who got his start producing UPN’s Top 40 Videos in 2001. He then began producing numerous web commercials for Hewlett Packard, Adobe, and Intel. Hunt followed his passion and produced his first feature, Passed the Door of Darkness, working at Night Light Films. Shortly after, Hunt was hired to Produce/Line Produce/UPM the indie hit Decisions starring Corey Haim. Unfortunately, this film is remembered as Corey Haim’s last film before his untimely passing in 2010. Hunt served as Line Producer/ PM of the indie comedy Drop Dead Gorgeous starring Jeremy London, Steven Berkoff, Vernon Wells, Josh Coxx, and Dawn Olivieri.

In early 2009, Hunt joined Most Films and Co-Produced Slightly Single in LA starring Lacey Chabert, Jenna Dewan, Haylie Duff, Chris Kattan, Jonathan Bennett, and Kip Pardue. He served as Production Supervisor on Maladies starring James Franco, Katherine Keener, David Strathairn, and Alan Cumming. In mid-2011, Hunt Co-Produced/Production Supervised Officer Down starring Stephen Dorff, James Woods, Stephen Lang, AnnaLynne McCord, David Boreanaz, Walton Goggins, Elizabeth Rohm, Dominic Purcell, Tommy Flanagan, and Laura Harris. In late 2011, he Co-Produced/Production Supervised Pawn starring Ray Liotta, Forrest Whitaker, Michael Chiklis, Nikki Reed, Jessica Szohr, Stephen Lang, Common, Sean Fairs, Max Beesley, Jordan Belfi, and Jonathan Bennett.

Andrew Hunt got an early start in the post-production world with his father, Gary Hunt, who owned and operated DVS Intelestream (formerly Producers Post) in Burbank. This knowledge and experience allowed Andrew Hunt to be instrumental in the Post Production process with Most Films. He served as the Post Production Manager on Slightly Single in LA, Officer Down and Pawn. In addition to the James Franco film Maladies, Hunt served as Post Production Supervisor on the indie action film Soldiers of Fortune starring Sean Bean, James Cromwell, Christian Slater, Freddy Rodriguez, Ving Rhames, and Colm Meaney. Hunt has delivered films to MGM, Anchor Bay and Voltage, The Exchange, and Tribecca. He is a former stand-up comedian and was a regular at the Comedy Store in Hollywood and likes to have a sense of humor while on set. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA when he’s not on location.

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Travis Sentell, Writer
Travis Sentell received Bachelor degrees from Emory University in Philosophy/Religion and Psychology and an honors MLitt in Creative Writing from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. In 2006, Travis was named one of the top thirty new writers under thirty by Random House, and was included in their bestselling publication, Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Writers: Best New Voices of 2006. He has published work in such diverse places as the Berkeley Fiction Review, the award-winning collection Silent Voices, and the cult-journal Ampersand Review, and his work has been praised in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Huffington Post and elsewhere. His first novel, SINergy, was optioned for the screen with Mark Ordesky (Lord of the Rings) set to produce and Jim Uhls (Fight Club) attached to write. His book, In the Shadow of Freedom, was published in 2010 by Atria. His newest novel, Fluid, was released by Coliloquy in March, 2012. As to his screenplay work, his scripts Overlap (with Kalen Egan) and Space Ninjas From Outer Space are under option to Mann Made Films, his script The Crawlers (with Kalen Egan) is under option to Ed Pressman (Badlands) and Electric Shepherd Productions (Adjustment Bureau), and his script The League is under option to BlahBlahBlah Entertainment. He is represented by Michelle Wolfson at Wolfson Literary Agency.


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